"I remember when you used to be mine."

Sara Bareilles


"I want the water in my eyes,
I want to cry until the end of time,
I want to let the rain come down,
Make a brand new ground."

Sara Bareilles
“Let the Rain”

New Theme!

Since most of the country had a snow day today, I decided to use my time to chill out and do some blog maintenance. :) A new theme has been installed (the background was made by me, but the brushes were courtesy of a DeviantArt user, if I recall correctly) and, hopefully, I’ll be able to make some graphics later. I’m thinking I need to be focusing on “Kaleidoscope Heart,” if my memory serves me right. ;)

Stay tuned!

Today, at college, I was bombarded with close friends teasing me about last night’s Grammy fiasco and Sara’s lack of winning.

They meant it all in good fun, but…

Too soon, comrades. Much too soon.

Anonymous Asked:
I was rooting do much for Red to win Album of the Year. I would've been okay if the Blessed Unrest won. It's one of the greatest albums of the year. But I don't understand how RAM best BOTH Taylor and Sara. It just flat out doesn't make sense at all

From what I understand, I think everyone was really excited over Daft Punk because they’re coming back from a hiatus…I THINK. I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about them at all, but I know they’ve been around since 1993 or so, so I guess it was exciting for a lot of people because they were making a “comeback.”

I know what you mean, though. I’m surprised neither Taylor nor Sara won.